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Environmental technology

Impetus for the growth industry of the 21st century

Efficient environmental technologies are the foundation of successful environmental protection. Bavarian compa­nies develop internationally competitive, innovative prod­ucts and methods. Including technologies for CO2 re­duction and energy efficiency, Bavaria’s environmental industry generates sales of around €50 billion per year. Its significance is similar to that of vehicle construction and mechanical engineering. The environmental technology sector in Bavaria is extremely well positioned with approx­imately 9,400 companies, mainly SMEs. They offer prod­ucts and services ranging from planning, development, and engineering to plant construction and modernization on the international environmental market. It’s no coinci­dence that Bavarian companies are so successful: Protect­ing natural resources has a long tradition in Bavaria, the first federal state to establish its own ministry for environ­mental protection back in 1970.

Since 2006, the Environmental Technology Cluster Bavar­ia’s has developed into the industry network for the Bavar­ian environmental sector. For its more than 200 members, the Environmental Technology Cluster provides a forum for exchanging information about industry trends, an in­novation platform for initiating joint projects, and a launch pad for doing business abroad. Promoting the competitive­ness, innovative capacity, and internationalization of the members is the goal. The cluster initiates and organizes numerous cooperation offers and continuing education projects for its members, thereby establishing the ba­sis for active networking and lively communication. Thus the Environmental Technology Cluster adds genuine and perceptible value for Bavaria’s environmental technology sector.


Focus Areas

The Environmental Technology Cluster Bavaria concen­trates on six focal points, with one objective: Converging the competencies of its members along the value chain in order to develop solutions for environmental technology challenges.

  • Waste and recycling
  • Alternative energy production
  • Air pollution control
  • Resource efficiency and material flow management
  • Water and wastewater
  • Land reclamation and environmental remediation

Dr. Stephanie Kauf-Schraml

Cluster Spokeswoman

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Alfred Mayr

Cluster Managing Director