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New materials

From materials to innovations

Bavaria is one of the international leaders in the field of new materials and has the best prerequisites to play the leading role in the future. The New Materials Cluster is the Bavarian-wide information, communication, and co­operation platform in the new materials field. It ana­lyzes technology trends in the areas of materials and pro­cesses in order to realize potential for material and product innovations.

By successfully networking experts in the field of science with industry decision makers in all sectors, the cluster es­tablishes platforms that serve as innovation catalysts. The New Materials Cluster promotes cooperation between all players along the entire value chain. Impetus is provided for new ideas and innovations, gaps in value chains are filled, and networks are successfully established.


This is done within the scope of overarching core topics:

  • Additive manufacturing
  • Lightweight and multi-material design
  • Resource efficiency and sustainability

Within the framework of these core topics, polymers, me­tallic materials, fiber composites, technical ceramics and glass, and functionalized surfaces and technical textiles, for example, are combined with material and process de­velopment subject matter, also with regard to the use of AI.

Offers are consistently aligned with the needs of cluster players. Close cooperation with regional networks and ini­tiatives is a key pillar.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Marion Merklein

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Marion Merklein

Cluster Spokeswoman

Dr. Nicole de Boer

Cluster Managing Director