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Industrial Biotechnology

The Industrial Biotechnology Cluster lays the foundations and supplies ideas for trendsetting developments in many different industries. Aside from biotechnology companies and research institutions, this also includes firms in the engineering sciences, the automobile, aviation, chemicals, and lubricant industries, paper, adhesive, and environmen­tal technologies, nanobiotechnology, and bioinformatics.

Mission and objective

Industrial biotechnology offers numerous approaches that harbor the potential to produce a wide variety of products using environmentally friendly, resource-conserving bio­catalytic methods. Using renewable raw materials or also CO2 makes industrial production ecological and can simul­taneously maintain or boost the competitiveness of a site.

In order to promote this approach, the cluster assists its members with research and development projects, or­ganizes events for the public and industry audiences, sup­ports start-ups, engages in site marketing, provides infor­mation about relevant activities, and creates opportunities for dialog between politics, industry, and science.

The cluster office is operated by Industrielle Biotechnolo­gie Bayern Netzwerk GmbH (IBB Netzwerk GmbH) based in Munich.


Examples of work focus areas

Sustainable biopolymers

  • Innovative additives for environmentally friendly lubricants
  • Biobased fibers
  • High-performance adhesives made of biopolymers

Utilization of waste and CO2

  • Food ingredients made of apple pomace
  • Bio-butanol made of mill byproducts
  • Biotenside production using waste materials
  • Lubricant production using CO2

Digitalization of biotechnology

  • Model-based glucose sensor
  • In silico prediction of optimized biological control structures
  • Online control of product quality in a protein production process

Progressive biofuels

  • Cellulose ethanol
  • Algae kerosene

Modern industrial proteins
Biocompatible IoT solutions for biotechnology


Dr. Günter von Au

Cluster Spokesman

Prof. Dr. Volker Sieber

Cluster Spokesman

Prof. Dr. Haralabos Zorbas

Cluster Managing Director