Sensor technology

Sensors made in Bavaria

Sensors are considered as a universal cross-sectional technology for the most significant innovation suppliers. Sensors are the sensory organs of modern industry and are used in many different ways. Consequently, sensors also constitute the key technology in Industry 4.0, the world of intelligent products, and networked production. Sales of this industry, which is characterized by SMEs, have increased by more than 70 % in the past 10 years. German sensor manufacturers dominate the world market, and in the comparison with other German states Bavaria takes the leading role in this area. Pronounced sensor competence at universities and research institutes as well as highly specialized industry trade fairs round out the profile of Bavaria as a leading location for sensor technology.

Strategische Partnerschaft Sensorik e. V. (SPS)/Cluster Sensor Technology has been officially responsible for cluster management of the sensor technology competence field in Bavaria since 2006. On behalf of Bavaria, SPS bundles interests, experience, and know-how of companies, universities, and research institutes. With more than 70 member companies and institutes as well as 200 partners, SPS has established itself as a strong cross-industry network. In this regard, members of the network r eflect the classic strengths of Bavaria and the strengths of these future technologies. Sensor technology network f ocuses on jointly strengthening the innovation power and future capability of Bavarian companies and institutions. Cluster management anticipates economic, technological, and demographic changes in its role as future scout, it identifies megatrends as well as developments in the industry, and offers numerous exchange possibilities for industry, science, and politics. Initiation of cooperation projects, acquisition of funding as well as active participation in implementing innovation projects are among the core competencies of SPS. To supplement the extensive offering of qualification opportunities, SPS also supports members as partners, consultants, and a driving force for strategy development and enterprise alignment. Sensorik-Bayern GmbH, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of SPS, additionally offers access to high tech expertise.


Focus Areas

  • Automotive
  • Life sciences
  • Automation und mechatronics
  • Environmental technology
  • ICT, safety and security
[Translate to English:] Prof. Dr. Christoph Kutter

Prof. Dr. Christoph Kutter

Cluster Spokesman

[Translate to English:] Prof. Dr. Reinhard Höpfl

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Höpfl

Cluster Spokesman

[Translate to English:] Dr. Hubert Steigerwald

Dr. Hubert Steigerwald

Cluster Managing Director