Environmental technology

Impetus for the growth industry of the 21st century

Climate change, worldwide urbanization, and extension of renewable energies result in strong growth in the global demand for environmental technologies. In terms of environmental technology, Bavaria has a first-class position with over 2000 companies. For the most part, SMEs offer products and services from planning, development and engineering, and extending to plant construction and modernization, on the international environmental market.

More than 100 research institutes round out this profile. The objective of the cluster is to support Bavarian enterprises in developing and manufacturing marketable products. The focus is on networking of companies and research, development of pilot projects, and provision of information for specific target groups. Through technical events and conferences the cluster disseminates information concerning technology-specific developments and cross-sectional topics, such as innovation, financing, and internationalization. In its working groups for the topics of wastewater heat utilization, distributed wastewater treatment, and energy from waste, specialists come together on a regular basis to fundamentally drive the topic forward and develop projects. Moreover, the team of the Bavarian Environment Cluster also provides an extensive consulting and service offering.


Focus Areas

The Environmental Technology Cluster Bavaria is a network of Bavarian industry, science, government agencies, politics, municipalities, and municipal operations. In this regard the following topics are of particular interest:

  • Waste and recycling
  • Alternative energy production, particularly energy from waste and biomass
  • Air pollution control
  • Resource efficiency, material flow management
  • Water and waste water treatment
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Reinhard Büchl

Cluster Spokesman

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Alfred Mayr

Cluster Managing Director