Energy technology

Success through networking

With formation and extension of cluster structures, collaboration of companies with each other and with science should be intensified and thus industry competence should be further developed. The central approach of the Cluster Energy Technology is further intensification of the existing network structure throughout Bavaria and it extends to links with the national and international environment.

In this regard the essential aspect is to reach the appropriate companies and institutes and there generate awareness and interest for networks and clusters with employees on all management levels.

The cluster has a large offering of professional support: Through an extensive knowledge base on the Internet, fast access to the latest studies, and at presentations given by experts from science and industry, companies obtain in-depth insight into current and future trends, technologies, and markets in the area of energy technology.

There are many ways that participating companies can benefit from their involvement with the c luster. Whether through papers presented to a qualified audience, or participation in joint trade fair stands or the accompanying technical exhibitions at events, and via the Internet portal of the Cluster Energy Technology – this is where companies can demonstrate their entrepreneurial competence and technical competence.

With the partner package, the cluster offers companies and scientific institutions a special service offering for all aspects of innovation in the field of energy technology.


Focus areas

Energy efficiency

  • Buildings
  • Cogeneration
  • Industrial processes

Energy storage

  • Electrochemical energy storage
  • Chemical energy storage
  • Functional storage
  • Heat accumulators

Overall energy consideration

  • Energy system analysis
  • Supply safety
  • System services
  • Sector coupling
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Dr.-Ing. Klaus Hassmann

Cluster Spokesman

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil Oliver Mayer

Cluster Managing Director