Bavaria's engine for chemical innovations

The Chemistry Cluster Bavaria (CCB) is an established network of companies and research institutes of the Bavarian chemical industry. Covering global players, a strong SME base, and modern research institutes, the cluster members cover the entire performance spectrum of chemical suppliers. Since its foundation in 2006, the CCB supports its members in all aspects of chemical innovations ranging from the support of R&D activities to the identification of new markets.


Tasks and objectives

As part of the Bavarian State Government's Cluster Initiative, the CCB acts as an engine for innovation. It d irectly connects the players of the German chemical industry and thus strengthens Germany’s position as a leading industrial high-tech location. The CCB promotes product and process innovations for new, cross-industry markets with a focus on value creation for its members. The cluster supports its members in the acquisition of funding, coordination of R&D initiatives and collaborations, and determination of new sales markets. By supporting the close collaboration between large and small companies, universities, and research institutes synergies, joint efforts and perspectives are generated which will be able to tackle arising global challenges.

Value Creation Partnership

Within the initiative »Value Creation Partnership« sales and innovation requirements from various industries, such as aerospace, ship construction, oil and gas production or the consumer goods sector, are determined and coordinated with cluster members throughout Europe. Each year the Value Creation Partnership produces a variety of new industrial applications; thus sales of cluster members are verifiably and measurably increased.

Cooperation and networks

The CCB lives from the high level of activity of its members and close cooperation with regional and international networks and partners. Regular events, such as the yearly »Network Day« or the »The Chemical Industry meets ...« workshop series, in which members gain deep insight into the development processes of key industrial customers. By advising the members regarding their own technology inquiries, new industrial partnerships are initiated and novel markets are accessed.

[Translate to English:] Prof. Dr. Wolfgang A. Herrmann

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang A. Herrmann

Cluster Spokesman
President of Technical University of Munich

[Translate to English:] Dr. Günter von Au

Dr. Günter von Au

Cluster Spokesman

[Translate to English:] Dr. Patrick Prühs

Dr. Patrick Prühs

Cluster Managing Director