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The Automotive Cluster intensifies collaboration between companies and research institutes. The objectives are to further enhance the innovativeness of Bavaria’s automo­tive industry and to generate new added value.

The service offering includes scouting trends and tech­nologies, finding cooperation partners, technology forums and cluster meetings at the facilities of companies and re­search institutes, the moderation of working groups and workshops, and the initiation and management of coop­erative projects. Furthermore, the cluster as driving force gets involved in activities of Bayern Innovativ GmbH that extend across industries and across technologies.

The cluster takes up topics with relevance for the future, deals intensively with these topics on project level, and supports its players with access to funding programs. In this regard, regional, national, and international key per­sonnel are brought together and all levels of the value chain are integrated as far as possible. The networking of, in particular, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with vehicle manufacturers and system suppliers as well as scientific institutions is one of the essential aspects of network activities.

The cluster is comprised of more than 500 companies and institutes from the automotive sector and from all compe­tence fields relevant for the automobile.



  • Strengthening regional value creation

  • Identification of future technologies

  • In-depth study of relevant topic areas

  • Intensification of networking between cluster players

  • Promotion of open innovation in small and mid-sized businesses

  • Strengthening the activities in the topic area of electromobility and mobility concepts

  • Accompanying the transformation processes of the automobile industry


Aside from networking, platforms such as cluster gather­ings, forums, or workshops also serve to identify key top­ics and to »condense« technology issues.

The cluster is a first-hand source for information concern­ing trends, technologies, and markets. In addition, the cluster organizes workshops and working groups that have a trust-building effect and establish the basis for fu­ture cooperation. In this regard cluster management acts as a neutral moderator.

Thomas Regnet

Thomas Regnet

Cluster Spokesman

Holger Czuday

Cluster Managing Director